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Yoga on the Beach


The yoga classes I offer varies depending on students needs and abilities. They are mostly Hatha based vinyasa, gentle mindful flow, alignment and fundamentals class or meditative yin.

Regardless of the level of the class, the emphasis is on mindfulness. Throughout the practice, we will bring your awareness to the inner world and create a connection with your physical, emotional and energetic body.

We will work on removing ego from the practice and focus on embracing our imperfections. We will find space within to fully accept our physical bodies and its limitations. After all, yoga is not about achieving perfectly shaped poses but rather getting to know ourselves and possibly falling in love with ourselves all over again.

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Yoga on the Beach


Sitting still in a meditative pose for an extended period can be very difficult to many of us. To demystify this practice, I introduce more tangible ways to bring the mind to a peaceful state. We can learn how to simply observe our thoughts without being fully absorbed by them.

It’s about understanding that we don’t have to identify ourselves with every thought that occurs in our mind. You’ll learn how to become an ‘observer’ of your thoughts and create a non-judgemental relationship with them.

There are various techniques that I offer to quiet down the ‘monkey mind’ including mindfulness with breathing, observing the physical sensations in our bodies, breath-work, walking meditation and Qi Gong (traditional Chinese technique that combines meditation with body movement).

Through my guided meditation you’ll first relax your body and mind to open your heart space to invite clarity, peace and abundance. We live peculiar times where it can be exceptionally difficult to accept and love ourselves unconditionally. That’s why I emphasise my practices on loving-kindness where we become more compassionate first to ourselves and then to others.

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Spiritual Coaching

When we consider the world statistics on the quality of life this is the best time to be alive. And yet so many of us suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s often the fulfilment that we miss in our lives. No amount of external pleasures like money or travel will ever fill that void. That sense of dissatisfaction feels like a shadow, an integral part of our lives.

During my coaching sessions, we will get to the core of who you really are. We’ll remove some of the cultural conditionings to understand what is your true purpose and where to go from there. It’s never too late to make changes in your life. You’ll understand that you’re on your unique path and there’s no point in comparing yourself to anyone else.

Through an introspective journey, you’ll discover what is holding you back from reaching your full potential and creating the life you want to live. Finding fulfilment may not be an easy task. It will force you to step outside your comfort zone. You’ll grow and possibly face your deepest fears. All this inner work will help you shift perspective about your life and what happiness means to you. It will be so rewarding.

Are you ready to live the life that is truly yours and no-one else’

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