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Authentic, Real & Passionate

Upon turning 30, the world I felt so comfortable in crumbled down and left me questioning every aspect of my life. All the things that I kept bogged down for years started to come to the surface. I knew that there must be more to life. I felt that I’m not reaching my full potential. There must be something out there that would be more aligned with me.

So I packed my backpack and embarked on a soul searching journey around the world. I honestly thought that after 6 months of travelling I’ll have everything figured out. I’ll find my passion and dedicate the rest of my life pursuing that dream. The reality was different though. The path I was supposed to walk has become clear to me but the process to actually walk it took me more time than I expected. I knew that I wanted to serve others but to do that I needed to heal myself first. The last 6 years of my life I dedicated to that purpose exploring different ways of inner healing, alleviating traumas and rediscovering the true self. 

Even though it is a constant work in process, as that’s the nature of self-growth, my deepest wounds healed. I faced the dark demons within. I received a clear message from the universe. It is time to get out there, share my experience and knowledge to help others find themselves and their true calling.

So here I am, embracing my imperfections and limitations, trying to be as honest and real as I can, fulfilling my purpose by offering to hold the space for other kind souls while they go through their transformation. As an empath and a sensitive person, I am a natural teacher with warmth and patience, creating a safe and comfortable environment in my sessions. I genuinely care about my students and their experience. It’s not about how many people I can reach but rather about deep connections and authentic help that I’m manifesting to the world.

May all Living Beings be happy, content and free.  

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